Ministry Teams

One of the things that makes United unique is the opportunity for people to receive ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. The primary role of the prayer ministry team is to oversee our prayer ministry on site in the Arena and Impact venues, making sure prayer ministry is safe and appropriate, and that we involve, mentor and monitor all those who are praying for others when required. We want to recommit and refresh our prayer ministry together, as well as to receive updates on how New Wine practises prayer ministry (New Wine’s updated prayer ministry guidelines).

We are now seeking people to help in this way by applying to become ‘Ministry Team Leaders’ at United 18.

    We believe in investing in prayer and so we strongly advise all those applying to be a ‘Ministry Team Leader’ to be trained regularly at either a New Wine Prayer Ministry Training Day or, for 2018 only, the Third Person Day at Trinity Cheltenham. Attendance at one of these events is the basic qualification for being involved in this year’s ministry teams, either as a team leader or as someone praying for others in these venues.

    New Wine will be hosting some Prayer Ministry Training Days at venues around the country in the months leading up to United 18. Details of these will be posted on the New Wine events page once they are confirmed, so please check the website for updates and stay connected via social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    To apply to be a Ministry Team Leader:

    1. Book your place, and click 'This person would like to join this event as a team volunteer'. Make sure you include a valid email address that no-one else uses.
    2. Select 'Venues' from the drop-down menu and then either 'Arena Ministry Team Leader' or 'Impact Ministry Team Leader'.
    3. Once you've completed your booking, you can access the team application form by logging in and clicking My Account > Start application.

    Please note that Ministry Team Leader places are the full delegate price, not free of charge.


    If you have attended a New Wine or Third Person Prayer Ministry training day in 2016, 2017, or plan to attend one in 2018, you will have the opportunity to note this on your ‘Prayer Team Leader’ application.

    Those who are unable to attend an event but would still like to pray for others may still do so by attending one of the Third Person seminars taking place on the first day of each week of United 18.

    Attendance at these training events does not commit you to serving in this way at United 18.