Ministry Teams

One of the things that makes United unique is the opportunity for people to receive prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit. The primary role of the ministry team is to provide that prayer in the four main venues, Arena, Impact, Hungry and Presence, in a safe and appropriate way.

Anyone interested in praying with others in one of our four main venues under the guidance of the ministry team leaders are asked to attend one of the usual two ‘Holy Spirit and Ministry’ sessions taking place each week of United in the Arena Venue. One on Sunday 28th July and one on Monday 5th August (timings to be determined and published in your programme)

This includes those who may have previously attended New Wine Prayer Ministry training days, a ‘Third Person’ prayer training day, ‘Holy Spirit and Ministry’ sessions at previous United events, or those who are already a serving member of their own church ministry team. 

At the end of each of the weeks sessions you will be asked to complete a very short sign up form before being provided with a red ‘Ministry Team’ wristband to indicate to venue hosts that you are part of the United ministry team this year.

*Please note that the prayer ministry team does not come with a free place at United this year - please book onto the event as a delegate to enable you to join the team.

Expectation for team members

Those who volunteer for New Wine teams at United do so based on their Christian profession and way of life. As a team volunteer, your conduct on site is expected to be consistent with New Wine's ethos and understanding of the teaching of the New Testament.

Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith and in submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.