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Come and join the team!


We're better known as the Pebbles family and our vision and 5 core values are all centred around being just that. We laugh together, cry together, dress up in fancy dress together, serve together, kneel down and worship together, show sacrificial love together, create together, grow together, and wipe snotty noses together! We watch God show his power and love to all 300+ children in incredible ways. God not only blesses the children through the Pebbles team, but God blesses the team too. It’s amazing watching how a team of 100+ people from all over the world become a family - come and join us!


What's a typical day like?


Pebbles (3-4s) runs from 9.15am - 12.15pm. The children start the day off in colour groups, and move round three exciting activity stations during the morning. Indoor toys and craft provides loads of opportunities to play and create, with pictures and crafts to take home. Outdoor toys and creative prayer includes messy play and a bouncy castle, along with creative prayer activities to help children chat to God in different ways. In teaching time we have a story from Mr Bible, Polly-Esther and family. The Pebbles team are passionate about the children having fun with each other AND with God.

Halfway through the morning we all come together for singing and dancing to worship songs. Then we all stop for the Pebbles postbox and a snack and drink to re-energise before going back to have more fun at our activity stations.

At the end of the morning all the colour groups go back to where they started, get out their colouring books and sing one final song before being collected. 


To book now or apply for team:


Week  1 team - adult only (17+)  Week 2 team - adult only (17+)

Pebbles Young team (14-16yrs) is now closed for both weeks

Cheering Pebbles attendees


Team Requirements


  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Approximate hours 7.55am - 4pm (with time off for lunch) and a day off mid-week
  • All accepted applicants are required to attend a training session
  • A DBS check is required for all 17+
  • Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith. In submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.


Pebbles attendees playing with a toy train


The Team Leaders


Mim Taylor (Week 1) and Jackie Faerber (Week 2)


Mim Taylor
Jackie Faerber
Pebbles attendee playing with paint
Pebbles attendee on a bouncy castle
Pebbles attendees finger painting
Pebbles attendee inside a toy car