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Come and join the team!


Being on team is an AWESOME and INCREDIBLE time of fun, games, gunge and God! It's so exciting to serve God as we help 5-7-year-olds discover just how precious and amazing they are to him! As we dance, laugh and worship in so many exciting and colourful ways, we will meet and encounter God who loves us just as we are! So if you are feeling up for a challenge of great teaching, brilliant fun and meeting God, we’d LOVE to have you on team!


What's a typical day like?


It involves lots of mess, noise and SO MUCH FUN! We get together every morning from 9am - 12.20pm and spend lots of time worshipping our amazing God, playing messy games to try and win team points, and learning about God’s heroes in the Bible. We also split into our colour teams to do craft, games and sport.

In the evenings we gather all the groups together from 6:45-8.30pm, where we sing, play games and are joined by some naughty characters who always make us laugh while causing as much trouble as they possibly can.


To book now or apply for team:


Week 1  Week 2

Young team place (15-16yrs) are now closed for both weeks


Some children smiling after being hit with foam pies




  • Minimum age 15 years
  • Approximate hours 8am - 1pm and 6-9.30pm
  • All accepted applicants are required to attend a training session
  • A DBS check is required for all aged 17+
  • Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith. In submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.


Three performers on stage


The Team Leaders


Jude Barber & Zoe Ferrett (Week 1) and Emily Duffy & Mark Hill (Week 2)


Jude Barber
Zoe Ferrett
Emily Duffy
Mark Hill


Smiling faces at Ground Breakers
Smiling children at Ground Breakers
Two people covered in foam on stage
A child riding a bicycle with stabilisers while wearing a Ground Breakers cape