Additional Needs

The additional needs support teams (Our Place, Access and Breathe) serve children, young people and adults who have additional needs (as well as their families) at United. Additional needs are wide ranging - anything that prevents someone from participating in an activity (disabilities, mental health needs, illness, undiagnosed needs). We want to make sure United is a place which welcomes, enables and recognises the value of what everyone brings to God’s kingdom.

Age: 17+ (if you are not yet 17, please get in touch with Naomi Graham to discuss the possibility of volunteering).

If you have a heart for serving people who have additional needs or feel called to our team, please apply regardless of experience. We will provide lots of training and support and will enjoy equipping you in the area of additional needs ministry.

Our Place Team

Inclusion Team are based in the main kids’ venues (Ground Breakers, Boulder Gang etc). You support one, two or a small group of children to take part in the activities (you blend into the mainstream team, go to their team times and wear their t-shirt), but you apply to the Our Place team.

Inclusion Team Leaders oversee inclusion in a mainstream venue. This involves liaising with parents and helping your inclusion team to support the children or young people with additional needs in your venue. You will be supported by the inclusion coordinator from the Our Place core team.

Kids’ Team support a number of children in the Our Place kids’ venue. This involves providing worship, ministry and teaching to any children who have difficulties staying in their mainstream groups.

Hours: You will volunteer at two sessions a day; morning and either afternoon or evening.

Youth Team support young people in the Our Place Youth venue. This involves providing worship, ministry and teaching to any children who have difficulties staying in their mainstream groups. 

Hours: You volunteer at two sessions a day; morning and either afternoon or evening.

Support Team do not work directly with the delegates who have additional needs but are vital in helping us keep our venues running. Tasks may involve guarding the door, fixing broken things and collecting supplies.

Access Team

This team aim to include adults with additional needs across the event. Volunteering with this team could involve supporting an individual with additional needs to be on another team, helping to include adults within the mainstream adult venues, or helping to run a seminar stream specific to adults with learning disabilities.

We try to take team members preferences into account when allocating team to roles. However, we do have to balance team numbers with delegate numbers and needs so we can't guarantee you will get your first choice. Please do let us know your preferences somewhere in your application, but be prepared to be flexible.

For more general information about teams and how to apply, click here.

Breathe Team

Breathe is our venue for parents and carers of those with additional needs. We want to provide a space and opportunity for mums, dads and carers to have time and space at United. We run informal worship, seminar, social events and provide opportunities for prayer ministry and support around specific needs. If you have a heart to come alongside parents and carers we would love to have you on this team. 

Expectation for team members

Those who volunteer for New Wine teams at United do so based on their Christian profession and way of life. As a team volunteer, your conduct on site is expected to be consistent with New Wine's ethos and understanding of the teaching of the New Testament.

Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith and in submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.

There will be a training day from 10-4pm for all confirmed team members working in Our Place, Access and Breathe on 9 June 2018. This will take place at St Andrews Church, High Wycombe, HP13 7NH.

If it would be helpful for anyone to get a lift from the train station to St Andrew’s, you can sign up here. Refreshments will be available during break times but please bring your own lunch. If you are unable to make this day, please contact the team leaders directly or email