Youth @ United


Youth @ United

Calling all creative, adventure-seeking 12-17 year-olds to be inspired and released to be courageous, live radically, set culture and stand firm with Jesus!

At United our 12-17s receive top-quality worship, teaching and ministry all sandwiched between huge amounts of fun and laughs. We also host an extensive seminar programme for both young people and youth leaders, which cover a variety of relevant and engaging topics.

Club One is for 12-13s, and Thirst is for 14-17s





Have you ever felt so amazed, so happy or so deeply moved that it just pours out of you? Life in God leads to Overflow in all kinds of things - hope, peace, joy, gifts... Welcome to a week of digging into the Word, welcoming the Holy Spirit, having a laugh and exploring together what it means to be people of Overflow.


...A place to chill, create, and celebrate. Open in the afternoons for creative workshops, space to chat, and room to breathe. Every evening expect volume and energy with DJs and Live Music sets.


In some way, shape or form sport is everywhere you look... and the New Wine Youth programme is no different! You will see the Sports Team around throughout the week. From the ever growing 4SQ game, to basketball, mini football, ladder toss and loads more! Alongside this we'll be carrying on a NWRunners group for those that want to keep their training up, so come prepared.

If you've been over the last few years, you'd have seen the growth of our Wet'n'Wild day! The 50mtr Water Slide, 2on2 Slippy Football, Dizzy Water-bombs and the introduction last year of the Assault Course. It's been so much fun seeing how we could add more this year and we promise you... you won't be disappointed!! But be warned you may get WET!


Come and chill out, chat, play games, eat, and have fun with your mates. Vibe open in the afternoons and again in the evening for relaxed entertainment. With a café full of treats, snacks and drinks and a load of activities such as board games, a photobooth, a prayer space and pamper corner. As well as one-off activities each day including t-shirt making, Flava’s Got Talent auditions, a fancy dress scavenger hunt and video game tournaments - Expect to have a good laugh.



You said it

"Thirst Core team were fantastic and make serving such an attractive opportunity." - Thirst Week 2 team member

"I have struggled a lot with anxiety over the past year. I went up the front in Thirst and a member of the Thirst team prayed for me. Since then I haven't felt anxious about anything!" - Week 2 Youth

"My highlight was seeing Club One free in Worship. It was MAD!" - Week 1 Youth

"First year. Scared coming in. Served in Club One. Blown away by the lovely people around me. God moved!" - Club One team member

"The worship in Thirst was incredible and really focussed in on God." - Week 1 Youth



Come and join the Club One or Thirst teams!

As either part of the Club One team or the Thirst Team, there will be:

  • Seminar-format sessions.
  • Activity teams. (Flava cafe, NGage (see below), Sports and Vibe)
  • Time to share the gospel, pray for and minister to the young people in the power of the Holy Spirit.

NGage Team - this team make contact with the youth on site who are not taking part in the event programme. The aim is to build relationships, introduce and/or share the gospel in an appropriate way, and encourage them to attend the activities. You'll be out on-site, looking for and meeting up with young people who are not part of the Youth venue, wherever they are!


Team Requirements:

  • Minimum age for Club One is 16. Minimum age for Thirst is 17 but for Sports and NGage, you need to be 18+.
  • Approximate working hours: 8am-1pm and 6-9:30pm with an extra 2 hours in either the afternoon or evening, preparing or clearing up.
  • You'll need to be a Christian with an active, living faith, a heart for young people and regular attendance at a church/fellowship.
  • All accepted Club One and Thirst applicants will be required to attend a training session on site.
  • A DBS check is required for all those 17+
  • Part of New Wine’s ethos is our adherence to the Evangelical Alliance (EA) basis of faith. In submitting your team application you are acknowledging your acceptance to do the same.

Team Availability: 




Meet The Club One Team

This year the Club One team leaders are Dave Kelsall and Beth Hayden (Week 1). Week 2 tbc


Meet The Thirst Team

Thirst team leaders are tbc



Head of Youth - Lee Kirkby.. (the outakes)


Got a question? 

Please note that the team are all volunteers for New Wine and will respond as soon as they can!

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