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Darren Rouanzoin | Jo Saxton | Robby Dawkins | Alan Hirsch


Pete Greig | Sean Doherty | Gaby Doherty | Emma Ineson | Amy Orr-Ewing | John White | Krish Kandiah | Nicola Neal | Week 1 Bible teachers

Miriam Swaffield | Chris Lane | Rachel Gardner | Andy Byers | Andy Hawthorne | Nicola Neal | Week 2 Bible teachers


United Programme

A typical day at United looks something like this.

07.15-08.00 Early morning worship and Bible teaching
09.15-10.30 Morning celebrations and Bible teaching
11.15-12.15 Morning seminars
14.30-15.30 Early afternoon seminars
16.00-17.00 Late afternoon seminars
19.00-20.30 Evening celebrations with guest speakers
21.00 After hours entertainment including live music and comedy


There are 3 main venues where the morning and evening celebrations take place:

The Arena | This is our largest venue, seating up to 6,000 delegates. The worship team is usually a full band and the meeting format is typically a time of sung worship followed by a talk and Spirit-led ministry time. Mornings in the Arena follow a series of talks by one speaker, and evening celebrations provide a variety of speakers on different topics.

Hungry | The format of the morning and evening celebrations are very similar to the Arena but with a more intimate feel. There's passionate worship, biblical teaching and lots of time for prayer ministry. There is a particular focus on radical discipleship, justice and intentional Kingdom life beyond the Church. Working with Fusion and Invest, Hungry is more interactive and participatory with time for deeper theological engagement.

Impact | This venue has a more interactive and participatory feel. Its focus is to provide a worshipping and teaching environment that is appropriate for people who live within the more gritty urban areas of our nation. The format is more informal, practical and story-led with shorter talks, more interviews and a worship style that includes spoken word and interactive prayer stations.


There are also a number of other venues around the site, including: Sanctuary (a quiet, contemplative worship space); Pastoral Prayer (a safe place to talk and pray); Just Looking (for those exploring questions of faith); Arts Workshop (with different creative activities each day); The Loft (a relaxed bar open in the evenings); plus numerous cafés and the Marketplace.



There are more than 100 seminars to choose from in the late mornings and afternoons, led by experienced teachers, with something for everyone!

A day to rest

Halfway through the week we have a day with a reduced programme to give you time to rest, relax with your church family, catch up with friends, or explore the surrounding area. There are celebrations in the morning and evening but no seminars throughout the day and no children's groups until the evening.