Robby Dawkins

is one of the most sought-after speakers in the Vineyard church movement. Robby ministers extensively and internationally, equipping churches in power evangelism.

Robby says, “I knew from a young age that God had called me into ministry. My parents say that from the age of two, I told people that I would grow up and be a missionary.”

Robby and his wife Angie have six sons. He is a fifth generation pastor who was born to missionary parents in Japan. Robby had served as a youth pastor for 12 years for churches of between 50 to12,000 members before he and Angie planted a Vineyard church in Illinois, USA, 14 years ago. God has shown up to powerfully change people’s lives through Robby's role as pastor and his church. 

70% of people at the church have come to Christ; 60% of these through power encounters (prophetic, healing, deliverance or ministry of God’s manifest presence). The mayor of Aurora along with its chief of police recently bestowed upon Robby and the Vineyard an acknowledgment that they have made a significant difference in Aurora's crime rate reduction. Robby also ministers extensively as an itinerate minister (in the USA and over 30 other countries) equipping churches in power evangelism. He featured in the film Furious Love in 2010 and more recently in Father of Light.