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Day & Evening Tickets

Limited adult Day and Evening Tickets are available for both weeks. We regret that our children's and youth groups are now full. 


Find tickets and book <<HERE>>


Day Tickets: 8am - midnight £36

Evening Tickets: 3pm - midnight £21

Delegate Rest Day: 8am - midnight (Tuesday of Week 1 and Wednesday of Week 2) £21

Full-Week Day Tickets (Week 1 only; details below) £180


  • Subject to availability, Day and Evening Tickets can be bought online up until the day required, but must be downloaded and printed in advance via your New Wine account. Tickets are currently limited to 500 per day. 
  • You will need to present your tickets at the Day Ticket Booth at the Main Gate, which will open from 5pm on Delegate Arrival Day, and then from 8am each day. It will close at 7.15pm. If you collect wristbands for subsequent days, these will allow access from 7am.
  • Day and Evening Tickets allow access until midnight (and not overnight).
  • We regret that Day and Evening Tickets do not allow access to children's or youth groups.
  • Day Tickets may also be available to buy from the Day Ticket Booth on the day if required, but please check this page before you travel for availability. Please note that there will also be a £2.50 surcharge for tickets bought on the day. 
  • If you would like to purchase Day Tickets for the whole of Week 1, staying off site, you will only pay the current full week rate of £180, rather than individual day rates. Once booked, please email the office team at who will apply the discount for you. Please note, there are a limited number of tickets available for each day, and this offer is only valid if you are booking the whole week at the time of booking.